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Yukon Sponsorship Submission Form

Please let us know more about you and your build!


Please Attach a Photo of Your Vehicle

Promotional Expectations:

Sponsorships provide Yukon the opportunity to market our brand through individuals who understand Yukon quality, and who will promote our line of drivetrain part through word of mouth, at industry events, and/or on social media. The following expectations are made as an agreement between Yukon Gear & Axle (Yukon) and the sponsored individual/team (Participant).

Expectations are as follows;

1.     A Yukon branded shield or Yukon approved custom logo/decal, must be present on the outside of any sponsored vehicle. 

2.     Parts: Once received, sponsored Yukon product is to be promoted within 30 days of parts arrival in a minimum of 2 posts on social media with accompanying pictures or video. These posts can include (but are not limited to) the following:
- Parts arrival/unboxing
- Installation
- Road/trail testing
- Action shots calling out parts performance

Yukon is required to be tagged in all such posts (see below for tag info). 

3.     Events: Tag Yukon in any and all posts from events, shows or races. 

4.     Any person or team sponsored by Yukon is expected to post and comment with a high degree of professionalism, and to refrain from personal attacks on other individuals or companies, including both Yukon partners and competitors.

5.     If the above requirements are not met by the participant, the recipient agrees to pay the total of the sponsored product’s current retail value. Participant authorizes Yukon to process the credit card on file and applicable sales tax. Full notice of charges will be provided by Yukon via either social media message, phone or email at least 5 business days before charges will process. During these 5 days, Yukon may cancel charges if Participant is viewed as making renewed efforts towards promotion. 

6.     Yukon reserves the right to cancel sponsor partnerships at any time 


Additional Social Media Guidelines

Please use the following tags when tagging Yukon Gear & Axle.

On Facebook: @yukongear

On Instagram: @yukongearandaxle

On Twitter: @YukonGearAxle

For Race Related Posts: #TeamYukon

*In the event that you experience an issue with Yukon product, please contact us to resolve the issue before posting on social media.